Welcome to @voicybot.

Got tired of listening to all the voice messages that people send you? Or maybe you just don't have time today to play through 10+ hours of the unread voice messages? Voicy will be your guide to convert any voice message to text. Just forward any voice message to @voicybot, add @voicybot to your group or record a voice message yourself and @voicybot will convert voice to text automatically.

@voicybot supports two voice recognition engines: Wit.ai and Google Speech.

How to contribute

Voicy is a multi-language bot. If you want Voicy to be localized to your language or fix a mistake in your language, please proceed to this GitHub repository to fork and then pull request the new changes in the locales folder. All contributions are welcome. Thank you!

Realtime stats

So far @voicybot was added to ~ chats and recognized ~ voice messages.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Voicy? Contact the creator — @borodutch — and he’ll help you sort it out.